Top 5 Most Popular Window Treatments

When the window treatments including cornices, curtains and valances have endured the passage of time, it is important to try new window treatment ideas. The window treatment that one gets to choose depends on the preference of an individual.

Nevertheless, the window treatments are borne to turn into a major investment – improving the value of the home while making the room a more comfortable place to be in.

Important tips for an effective window treatment

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when undertaking window treatments. First, it is advisable to get rid of heavy window coverings to replace them with simple shades. Natural light getting in the kitchen is essential. Therefore, pleated shades provide the much desired lighting as well as privacy. The plated shades come in different colors including white and sky blue.

For purposes of ensuring the right window treatment, it is equally important to select the current colors. In case you are using fabric then it should feature a contemporary tone. Shades consisting of a mixture of blacks, green and gold are desirable. If the kitchen is small then light and cool colors can make the room larger and brighter. On the other hand, dark and warm colors can transform a large kitchen into a more inviting premise.

In addition, it is import to soften direct light in rooms because direct sunlight particularly in a kitchen makes the place unpleasant and hot to work in. Therefore, woven wood shades and simple wood blinds can help to filter the light.

Five most popular window treatments

  • Luxury fabrics: This is a popular technique for treating the windows. The main fabrics used in this category include silks, leather, suede, danasks and velvet. While the trend is geared towards simplicity, the trend is expected to remain popular. New designs are expected to be embraced including beaded tassels, sparkling crystals and lavish embellishments.  White curtains paired with navy or black is becoming trend within the window treatment industry; with a variety of the fabrics featuring ocean hues, soft green and aquamarine. Soft lavender, orange, and grey are growing in popularity, while brown remains the dominant colors.
  • Organic materials: Woven bamboo shades are a popular form of treating windows. The wooden shades come in different colors while others feature grassy woven accents. They are particularly useful in diffusing light which makes it possible to see what is happening outside while offering privacy to the home owner. This popular treatment can transform the window into a favorite focal point. Bamboo, metallic and sparkle have remained the dominant decorative hardware for a long while now. The trends now show that bamboo is gaining grounds to become the preferred decorative hardware. Bamboo is popular because it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Velvet and grosgrain: Grosgrain is a strong and closely woven fabric that is often made of rayon or silk used on blinds as well as drapes. Furthermore, a velvet banding can be used as a ladder tape or detailing to cover the spaces between the blinds.
  • Silk panels: The flowing soft fabric offers a desirable feature although they offer a more expensive option for window treatments. Nevertheless, the shine and luxury makes the treatment the preferred choice in the majority of modern homes. The shine exhibited by the silk panels has the capacity of lighting up a dull room.
  • Green design: This window treatment is growing in popularity particularly amongst clients seeking to combat allergies. This blinds play an important role of keeping the light out while saving on your heating bills. The blinds are designed using woven polyester.

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